100% Transparent

The company’s major concern is not only to guarantee the quality of our product but as well the quality of the manufacturing conditions
We decided to produce entirely in Europe and to be 100% transparent about the production pathways
Every production stage is detailed on a MANUFACTURING card, joined to each frame
It lists the various manufacturers and craftsmen involved in the making of our products
The name, geographic location, as well as the nature of the services provided is therefore transparent and traceable for the optician and the costumer
We believe that more and more people care about the origin of products.
With our MANUFACTURING we intend to emphasize the products’ authenticity.

PrototypingRoberto CostaMontecchio MaggioreI-36075
Metal manufactureOokiiSeren del GrappaI-32030
LensesDivel ItaliaCalderara di RenoI-40012
ConceptJacques DurandMontecchio MaggioreI-36075
CasesLlexan ItaliaRiese Pio XI-31039
Acetate MaterialMazzucchelliVareseI-21100
Acetate MaterialLAESComoI-78961
Acetate manufactureLa GiardinieraVenegonoI-21040
Acetate ManufactureDaiValdobbiadeneI-31030

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