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Jacques Durand Magazine

A selection of statement pieces. A play of light. Design is about creation. It’s about bringing together beauty and function. It’s experimenting with material. It&#8217

Continuity in evolution. Commitment to experimentation. Experiencing the potential of the design process. Inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of metal frames, the DT series exper

Classic is reminiscent of the past, and yet it is timeless, it does not change as the years go past. The present is judged against the past, against what came before. And reference

Classic is being true to yourself. It means being honest with what you value. At Jacques Durand we are committed to excellence, and craftsmanship is the way we want to achieve

Today our collection evolves with the same renewed approach to eyewear design that led to the creation of Jacques Durand. Light and matter are the design playing field — flat fra

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