A selection of statement pieces. A play of light. Design is about creation. It’s about bringing together beauty and function. It’s experimenting with material. It’s attention to craft. Vieux Port Meaningful essentials. Timeless pieces made to last. Quelpaert

Continuity in evolution. Commitment to experimentation. Experiencing the potential of the design process. Inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of metal frames, the DT series experiments with design, technique and material. DT Bosphore  DT Magellan DT Malacca DT La Perouse DT de Gilbratar Constructed out of Italian premium cellulose acetate known for its durability and flexibility, […]

Classic is reminiscent of the past, and yet it is timeless, it does not change as the years go past. The present is judged against the past, against what came before. And references become essential, as they measure what we have achieved and what we can achieve, while connecting the past to the present. Classic […]

Classic is being true to yourself. It means being honest with what you value. At Jacques Durand we are committed to excellence, and craftsmanship is the way we want to achieve it. Our spirit of creative craftsmanship finds fulfillment in the synergy of goldsmiths’ crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how. Each particular craft brings […]

Today our collection evolves with the same renewed approach to eyewear design that led to the creation of Jacques Durand. Light and matter are the design playing field — flat frame fronts and clearly-defined edges enhance the outline of the shapes. Occasionally new concepts complement the collection, expanding the boundaries of technical and aesthetic possibilities. […]

  Jacques Durand campaign by photographer Yusuke Kusaba takes us to Asakusa-bashi district in old town Tokyo, where the craftsman impulse and nostalgic charm animate the historic district of Asakusa-bashi. The campaign captures the fascinating allure of hidden corners of the city, seeking moments of intimacy in an urban landscape. Hakujitu curated antiques & contemporary […]

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