Model: DT MALACCA 335
Size: 42.5 x 21 mm – 145 mm

Available colors:

  • 002 noir
  • 007 chocolat
  • 009 grenat
  • 013 écaille ancienne
  • 021 tokyo
  • 094 bleu jaspé


Inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of metal frames, the DT series experiments with design, material and technique. Engraved details draw inspiration from the timeless magnetism of automotive design. Lightweight, finely balanced acetate temples feature Vagues de Genève. Like waves, these undulating lines perceptible by touch on the inside of temples intensify aesthetics and tactile material appreciation.

Constructed out of Italian premium cellulose acetate known for its durability and flexibility, the frames are the result of the synergy of goldsmiths’ crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how. Inspired by contemporary art, architecture and automotive design, Jacques Durand conceives pure, distinctive shapes with distinct outlines. Light and matter are the design playing field — flat frame fronts and clearly defined edges enhance the outline of the shapes.

Each frame is made in Italy. Production is carried out in our workshop and premises in Montecchio Maggiore, Vicenza, Italy. Transparent production is an integral part of our identity. Each frame comes with a manufacturing card detailing the production process. Craftsmen and manufacturers involved in each stage of production as well as the geographic location are listed in order to guarantee traceability.

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