We care about quality craftsmanship, and we know that such quality can be achieved through attention to detail, relentless effort, and time.

Time is precious.

The time that our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen dedicate to each Jacques Durand frame is what makes each piece unique. The distinctive brushed texture is carried out by hand by our artisans through finely tuned gestures, gained patiently over time. We believe that excellence requires time.

Details are valuable.

The design of our frames aims at offering the greatest comfort. This is why we conscientiously spare no effort in the design process — from fine-tuning the fitting in prototyping to finishing each frame by hand in production. Understated details matter once you hold your Jacques Durand frames in your hands.

There are no secrets.

Transparent production is an integral part of our identity. All our frames are made in Italy in our facilities, being respectful of environment and communities. We truly believe that being clear about product sourcing and the manufacturing process creates value. We support ethical and sustainable supply chains, and are transparent about where we source materials from. That’s why each frame comes with a manufacturing card detailing the production process. Craftsmen and manufacturers involved in each stage of production as well as the geographic location are listed in order to guarantee traceability.

Relationships matter.

From raw materials to packaging, we care about each step of the process. It takes effort and resources to search for the right partners and suppliers, and once we find them we aim at establishing long term relationships. Our acetate is sourced from Mazzucchelli’s Italian-based production facilities, the virtuous worldwide leading manufacturer committed to excellence in innovation.

Awareness creates value.

Materials are essential when it comes to the value of the people and our planet. We make sure to source the finest materials, and to use non-toxic products in the finishing process. We commit to designing and producing safe and durable frames.

Timeless frames, made to last.

Our expertise makes us restore, repair and regenerate your Jacques Durand frames so that they can keep carrying value over time. We aim at achieving excellence in eyewear production, and this is definitely part of the process.

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