Plus is +

Plus is + is the search for craftsmanship in every detail. It represents the essence of our atelier, the place where our skillful artisans conceive, develop and realize new creations. The concept that guides Plus is + is to celebrate the knowledge and skills of our artisans, to raise consciousness about what we value. The result is a collection of handcrafted frames that hold the sense of purpose of our atelier. 

Plus is + frames are carved from a 8 mm thick acetate plaque. The thickness is preserved throughout the production process and finishing to achieve the most solid design. We care about the substance of our design pieces, and source the finest materials and transform them into unique objects that capture the essence of craftsmanship.

Intrados represents our ongoing exploration of possibilities, combining the unique solidity of Plus is + frames and our signature creative approach. We have carefully designed and developed a removable detail that accentuates depth in the concave face of our frames.

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