Atelier is where everything takes form.

It’s the materialization of our ideas, our experiences, our know-how, and our vision. Atelier is the heart of our project, and is what guides us in the right direction. It represents our background, yet it reflects our future.

We are committed to excellence — and craftsmanship is the way we want to achieve it.

It’s in the synergy of goldsmiths’ crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how that lies the value of our Atelier.  Each particular craft brings technical accomplishments, improves quality of details, and broadens our perspective.

Every creation originates from a sketch.

From sketching to prototyping, each step of the process contributes to achieving excellence in eyewear production. In our Atelier every new creation is prototyped by hand to find the perfect fit and aesthetic balance. While tools and machinery have led us to improve precision in frames manufacturing, our spirit of creative craftsmanship animates our work, encouraging us to push the limits. Experimenting with new production techniques and different materials drives improvement in product development and design, while exploring the boundaries of aesthetic possibilities. 

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