A way of seeing things

We are immersed in inspiring environments, experiencing the complexity of what surrounds us. Yet, we allow ourselves to moments of stillness.

Photo: Yusuke Kusaba

Jacques Durand campaign by photographer Yusuke Kusaba takes us to Asakusa-bashi district in old town Tokyo, where the craftsman impulse and nostalgic charm animate the historic district of Asakusa-bashi. The campaign captures the fascinating allure of hidden corners of the city, seeking moments of intimacy in an urban landscape. Hakujitu curated antiques & contemporary art gallery is the unique location of Jacques Durand campaign by Yusuke Kusaba.

A way of seeing things.

We care about quality craftsmanship, and we know that such quality can be achieved through attention to detail, relentless effort, and time. The time that our skilled craftsmen and craftswomen dedicate to each Jacques Durand frame is what makes each piece unique.

Photo: Yusuke Kusaba

The distinctive brushed texture is carried out by hand by our artisans through finely tuned gestures, gained patiently over time. We believe that excellence requires time.

Photo credits: Yusuke Kusaba
Clothing & styling: Gorsch the seamster
Location: Hakujitu