DT Series

Continuity in evolution.

Commitment to experimentation.

Experiencing the potential of the design process.

Inspired by the distinctive aesthetic of metal frames, the DT series experiments with design, technique and material.

DT Bosphore 

DT Magellan

DT Malacca

DT La Perouse

DT de Gilbratar

Constructed out of Italian premium cellulose acetate known for its durability and flexibility, the frames are the result of technical expertise and the spirit of creative craftsmanship that animates our work, encouraging us to push the limits. Engraved details draw inspiration from the timeless magnetism of automotive design.

Lightweight, finely balanced acetate temples feature Vagues de Genève. Like waves, these undulating lines perceptible by touch on the inside of temples intensify aesthetics and tactile material appreciation.

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